Google Re-captcha


OpenCart Google reCAPTCHA :Spam-bot and injurious content can cause some serious damage to your website and server, to avoid such cases ifnelse OpenCart reCAPTCHA installation module is the best solution. Since it is easy to use as customer can get verified by just a single click. It is disturbing for your customers to enter random characters just to prove they are human.

It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart. With the new API, a significant number of your valid human users will pass the reCAPTCHA challenge without having to solve a CAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA comes in the form of a widget that you can easily add to your registration form, etc.

Module Zip Available For Opencart to latest


It’s user friendly interface makes it easy to install and configure.

Admin can select the pages to add reCaptcha validation.

Customers can get themselves verified in just a single click.

Module is designed not to conflict with any other third party module

Compatible with OpenCart version to

Installation :- 

After purchasing this module, you can find below mentioned files:

 Zipped File containing the source code of the module

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to install OpenCart reCaptcha module to your OpenCart store:

1. Unzip the zipped file which you downloaded. You will find files in below mentioned format:

2.Upload all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of the site.

3.The module is now ready to install. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions-> Modules as shown in the image below:


4.Select the eBay integrator from the list of the modules and click on the Install button clicking which will install the module.


5.As module is installed now it is ready to configured click on Edit button to configure the module.



 Admin Interface

The admin panel of Google reCaptcha integration module offers 2 configuration tabs. They are discussed in details below:

  General Settings

Just enable the module from the provided dropdown menu and select the pages in which you want to display Google reCaptcha validation from list of options provided. Please refer to below screenshot.


  1. Enable/Disable

The drop-down menu consists of enable or disable option. Select the options in order to enable/disable Google reCaptcha module as per requirements.

  1. Enable Google reCaptcha for:

Select the pages in which you want to display google reCaptcha validation from simply selecting them. Selecting all will display google reCaptcha validation for all the pages.

  reCaptcha Settings

Site key and Secret key are required for this module to work which can easily be retrieved from your google account (Explained below).


   How to get site & secret key?

  • Enter account credentials and login to your gmail account.

  • Click on “Continue”.

  • Select type as reCAPTCHA V2.
  • Enter Label of your Domain.
  • Enter Domains of your site.
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Click on Register.

  • Copy the “Site Key” and “Secret Key” and paste it in Google ReCaptcha Settings Tab.

You are all set now google reCaptcha validation will be displayed on selected pages.

  Front End

On all the selected pages Google reCaptcha validation will be visible, please refer to below screenshots